Brawl Stars and the ways of Controlling your Brawlers

SuperCell’s has done it again. They have a new game, Brawl Stars. It seems that every year, they are giving the fans a new sense of excitement with their new title. So, what is Brawl Stars as a game? Well, the game is basically Supercell’s take on MOBA or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena.

But if you asked me, then I will tell you that this is more like a third person shooter where your perspective view is behind the character that you are using. The ultimate aim is to take out your opponent just any shooter game is.
Unlike any other SuperCell game of the past, this game is played in a portrait mode. This may take time to get used to but this is the most optimal way of playing the game. On the other hand, Brawl Stars’ controls is special in a way. Why? Because there are two ways of doing it. Joy stick and tap to move mode. These two types of control are there because others prefer one compared to the other. If you are asking me which is best for you, then I can’t answer that question for you. The person who can answer that is no one but you.

It is within the player’s preference and comfort. However, there will also be instances that a mix of two control modes will be employed. One player may prefer joystick if a certain character is in use, while, tap to move if he uses a different character.

One thing is for sure, when you are using the joystick mode, you are going to sacrifice the movement of your character. But the upside on this one is the fact that you will be a lot accurate in your attacks. So this type of mode is usually used with those characters whose primary aim is to damage.
In contrary to the joystick mode, tap to move is the best if you are prioritizing movement and agility instead of accuracy. This is perfect for those gamers who are support and prefer to engage less instead they are just there to help teammates or collect games as a team.

Based on personal experience, I do prefer joystick as my way of controlling my characters. This is because my philosophy in playing the game is “offense is the best defense”. I usually engage in battles and accuracy is my priority. So that’s it. I hope you learned something new from this new SuperCell game, Brawl Stars.

Pokemon Sun — Boring in the long Run?

The huge phenomenon started by a simple Mobile game has taken the world by storm. Far be it for Nintendo to fail to capitalize on that success. Pokemon Sun Edition is a third game added to the original duo of Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue. It contains most of the same gameplay. Now the hero of the game’s starting Pokemon is Pikachu (naturally), and some elements of the storyline have been modified to reflect the cartoon more accurately. The role-playing game has tremendous depth of play. It will appeal to any serious role-playing fan, as well as to children interested in the Pokemon content.

The few things Sun does differently, it does well. Pikachu follows Ash (or whatever you decide to call your character) throughout the adventure as a constant companion. Just as in the cartoon, Pikachu isn’t exactly fond of Ash at the beginning. It’s only after several battles and adventures that Pikachu really begins to warm up to the hero of the game.

For those who haven’t played the previous versions, the idea is pretty simple. You control the young Ash Ketchum as he sets out on a quest to become the best Pokemon trainer in the world. Pokemon are, of course, little critters that wander the world. In Japan, they’re called “Pocket Monsters”. In order to walk safely through the wilderness, young Ash must have a tame Pokemon he can use to fight the wild Pokemon that will attack. You can capture these wild Pokemon by weakening them with attacks from your tame Pokemon, then tossing your pokeball at them. Once they’re caught, they’re immediately tamed. Ash must wander through the expansive world defeating the trainers at Pokemon Centers in many different towns in order to gain enough badges to enter the Pokemon Championships.

The game works a lot like other Mobile role-playing games see it for youself. You see the action from a third-person perspective. Combat starts randomly (unless you are challenged by another human). You can only have six Pokemon with you at any given time. You can access the Pokemon you don’t have stored on a computer from just about any town. Deciding which Pokemon to carry with you is a big decision. There are 15 types of Pokemon, from Fire to Dragon, and each type is stronger or weaker against certain other types. Sort of like Rock, Paper, Scissors, you have to figure out which Pokemon are more appropriate for certain battles.

The non-violent nature of the game understandably appeals to kids, as well as their parents. Rather than killing Pokemon, or getting your Pokemon killed, the little guys just faint. You never actually fight another human. You can only lose if Ash’s Pokemon are all defeated. Luckily, you can simply walk to the nearest Pokemon Center to heal all your little buddies, free of charge.

The game has tremendous depth, and collecting all 150 Pokemon is a serious challenge. Of course, you can’t collect all 150 on your own version — each version contains Pokemon the other versions don’t have. Using the link cable, you can trade your rare Pokemon for other players’ rare Pokemon. That means, of course, you’ll have to trade with someone who’s gotten as far as you have in the game. Considering the popularity of the game and the frenzy the license has inspired, that shouldn’t be too terribly difficult.

Our only real gripe with the game is the repetitive nature of the combat. You’ll get rather tired of fighting Pokemon after Pokemon. With the random combat, you never know whether or not you’ll make it to the other side of the grassy area before being attacked again. However, repetition aside, the game contains a great story and plenty of elements that make it a blast to play.

Walking Through Hearthstone Basics Like a Boss


I have been playing Hearthstone for quite a bit now. I have gone better and better with each game, and now I have to a point where I am fairly good at it. With that, I have come up with few macro ideas that I always try to implement Hearthstone in order to win and I think it would be nice to spread the good news to you guys.

Hearthstone is predominantly a game of practice. I sad it because, you need to understand what your opponents have or could have or likely to play. Practice will give you a lot of information that you will not get simply by reading blogs, or watching youtube videos. But researching can still play an important factor because it can you concepts on how to play different characters on different instances.

Take for example, if you are playing a Rogue, it is going to kill every weak minion you are going to put against it on the board with this dagger and his main resource in order to do it is his life pole. So, what you want to do is make sure you are going to give a decent amount of damage to a Rogue. However if you playing with a Shaman or a Paladin, those are classes that mostly will now win if they don’t have board control. for more class specific strategy together and Heathstone cheats online. This will give a whole lot of ideas regarding playing and winning games.

Talking about board control, I will give an idea about it to give you better grasp on the basic things. Well, the whole idea about is having the initiative or should I say having the power to “call the shots” of what is going in the board. This has a lot to do with the card advantage concept implemented in the game. When you are playing Hearthstone, typically you are drawing a card per turn, more than that is fairly unusual. So the best thing to do is to extract as much potential you can have per card your draw. Most damage is created by creatures, and that creatures need to have the initiative and by initiative, I mean, board control.

Basically, that is how Hearthstone and its gameplay mechanics and the science to its success revolves. If you can master those through practice, then I can guarantee you that you will be winning 75% of your time against opponent, so long as they don’t have any unfair advantage against you.

Road and Density Basics with SimCity BuildIt


Playing SimCity Buildit is like playing the SimCity that we come to know and love in our PC and Mac. Well, its not that detailed and as much sophisticated as the latter but definitely it still worth the play. The trade off is, or should I say the biggest advantage by which SimCity BuildIt is the fact that is on mobile platform — iOS and Android — and with that, as long as you have your smartphone with your or tablet, you can play anywhere and anytime given if you have the internet connection necessary. Because as all know, this game is an necessitates the player to be online. It may have been a problem with SimCity 2013, the reboot, but with this mobile version of the game, wifi connection is everywhere and is accessible most of the time. So, it is not an issue anymore.

Now, that is now why we are here today. I am here to make share something about the basic of the game that players usually miss or overlook — that is the road density. You may say, “why the heck would you tackle that topic, it is not important… blah, blah, blah.” Well, it may seem that way for those who are beginners but for those who have been playing SimCity series for quite a while, you can definitely say that roads are not something that should be taken for granted. Otherwise, it may cause some major problems in your city and it will cost you a lot in the long run.

Types of Road and its Density in SimCity BuildIt:

  • Low Density Dirt Road – the very basic among all the road types. It is ideal for those newly built city where budget is a problem and population is just minimal. This type is composed of two lanes. It is works best with medium density avenues because its cheap and easily available for everyone.
  • Low Density Street – it has two lanes. Ideal if you have enough money and its good as you begin to upgrade. This is better than dirt roads once you have increase the population, traffic will also be one problem that dirt roads will have to struggle.
  • Medium Density Street – once you feel that you needed more money for your city, this kind of road will be ideal for it coming from the low density street. This will give you a chance to do freely with bigger buildings and more population.
  • High Density Road – this type have four lanes allowing bigger density buildings. It is a lot harder to manage but it comes with more Sims and more jobs for them. So, basically it entails more money for the city.

That is all for this tutorial for SimCity BuildIt. I hope you will now put more attention to roads and its density and how it affects your city. You can share this trick or should I say a tutorial on how to get much resources of SimCity BuildIt without jailbreak or rooting. It is definitely a legit way of taking your SimCity gaming to a new level.

Welcome to GTA 5 the New World Of Entertainment


If you want to play Grand Theft Auto 5, it is now available in Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 so that your adventure when playing will become more handy and more very exciting in controlling the video game. Actually this was due to the demands from fans and feedback from previous console. So the company just gives these fans what they want. If you have kids please make sure not to let them play the game since mature content are mostly featured in the game. The game totally for the mature players since it has drugs, violence and sex content. However, if you really like to play this video game with your family, be sure to guide your children in playing.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is among the best video game you can play both online or offline. Actually when it was almost released fans fall in line just to get the video game, although there are lots of critics about the game. However, they cannot stop the people for acquiring the video game since it features a broader theme of entertainment. Adventure, sports, hostile, funny moments, family trouble, law breaker lifestyle, mobster and more. You can design your own gang, and become the business tycoon in the local community and do some dirty money endeavor. As far as I can remember, you can get loads of fun playing GTA Online on this. It offers features that is not usually found in the game.

Mostly the gamers of GTA 5 are professional and working moms and dads who want to enjoy their entertainment in a digital world. In fact GTA 5 you can challenge another gamer online like racing, skydiving and motor cross. Actually you can experience Need for Speed Most Wanted in GTA 5 and if you like Call of Duty you can as well enjoy this theme. Reason for GTA 5 entertainment to very amazing is that you can encounter different action. If you check on YouTube you will learn funny moments from your favorite character Frank, Trevor and Michael. You can dress them with apparel you want them to wear and you can even create havoc in the City and fight military personnel.

If you are looking for kick-ass entertainment then GTA 5 is best for you.

Vainglory Review: Extreme Strategy and Beautiful Graphics Await You!

If you are a gamer and loves to play on your new mobile device — may it be a smartphone, a phablet or a tablet — then you might like the things that are happening nowadays. There are lot of developers targetting both iOS and Android in the form of Free-to-Play games with option of in-app-purchase like in-game currencies that can improve your gaming experience.

Vainglory created a significant splash during Apple’s summer event launching iOS 8 and the new Metal API. It definitely offered as an excellent demonstration of the graphics capacity for the new framework for video games designers, and given that we have had some time for you to play around with it, we can determine if it’s eventually very good news for the gamers as well.

Vainglory is, at its core, a MOBA. That means Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, for the inexperienced. Essentially, two groups of three gamers attack down a lane in order to get the opposing side’s headquarters. You will need to nibble through waves of small enemies, difficult protective towers, and intense enemy gamers to accomplish this. On the way you’ll earn xp, level up, enhance abilities, and acquire gear.

Which essential method is confused by Vainglory in certain methods. Rather than the typical 3 lanes, there’s merely one. Along with harder neutral opponents in the jungle area outside of the lane, additionally, there are two mines, one on each side. Catching these mines will increase the quality of your minions breeding. There’s also a gold mine dab smack in the centre that provides the managing team boatloads of gold if they’d like to hold onto it for very long enough. The gold mine additionally spawns a huge kraken which, if conquered, will sign up for your side and plow using your enemies.


When a match has ended, you can evaluate the kills, deaths, aids, and gear choice of each hero, plus you are compensated with in-game currency and karma points. You will get karma points with time to demonstrate you are an excellent gamer to get together with, and lose karma points for leaving games. This can be a far better metric for matchmaking than skill. The controls are extremely simple: simply tap where you need to go, and tap an opponent to begin auto-attacking. You’ve three skills across the bottom that you can tap to activate, and components of the bottom left. A mini-map in the top-right provides a clear bird’s eye take a look at what is happening.

The income model is par for training course for which you’d anticipate from a MOBA. An array of heroes are around for play totally free, even though those heroes alter on a normal rotation. You get cash every match that you can use to completely unlock among those characters, you can also obtain premium currency through in-app purchases to get it done.

It nearly is obvious that a video game produced by a company known as Super Evil Megacorp will have an excellent sense of humor. Every character’s voice behaving has some genuinely snappy one-liners, although the novelty on a few of the audio gags can need replacing as time passes. The truth that they’ve were able to work in “You’ve launched the kraken!” in there somewhere is pure gold.

The graphics are actually well done, and, as said before, show off precisely what iOS video gaming can look like. Glare, dust particles, glow, bloom, and lighting are all carefully applied. With regards to the graphics, the only real niggle is the fact that walking on seems a little slow for how rapidly a character’s legs are shifting. Quicker base movement speed throughout could be welcome and never always tip the game stability, although the speed as it stands results in plenty of room for scaling up with gear, characters, and skills. Complete guide on how to play each Vainglory hero.
There are some software conditions that bug me, including the splashy font that appears every few minutes when a little something remarkable happens. It’s a rustic and funky kind for menu items, however in-game the white color and discontinuous outline can make it difficult to read and mainly annoying. The announcer’s audio comments are possibly sufficient to get by. That font may also overlap with a few UI elements. Which reminds me, when you are flipping throughout the store while dead, the window will close as soon as you respawn, possibly mesmerizing a purchase.

Unique artwork displays every character and their distinctive flavor. You can find ten characters up to now, that might not be a sizable enough of a buffet for MOBA diehards, but that is a lot to begin, particularly since characters are not mutually distinctive in almost any provided match. Character style is amazing, and on par with what you will see from other MOBAs. The setting is a rejuvenating steampunk twist in a video game type that is generally overcome with standard fantasy fare. Guns are blasting at each turn, however, there are still lots of sword and sorcery concerned.

Buyer’s Guide on Problematic Sims 4 Game


As the title conveys, would you buy the Sims 4 game that has been laden with so many problems. Well, the answer might be varied but if you ask me I would definitely go and buy the game for reasons that I only know. But for today, I will sharing the things so you all guys would know. If you look at it, it is not the entire that makes it bad but there are those few aspects that are problematic not to mention the features that were removed. I personally have not played the game that long but the impression that others are saying is that game sucked and basically I am not yet convinced since I still would to experience it first hand to conclude.

To be honest, I am a hardcore Sims gamer and a Sims lover ever since the first one released by EA. And whether the Sims 4 sucks or not I would still buy it because I have it as collections. The thing is that I pre-ordered the on Amazon months ago because I wanted to have it. The Sims 4 basically is a promising game. The base game seem very strict and restricted as far as features are concern. This is so because the developer, Maxis, has been focusing more on the feel of realism in the game with Sims and its emotions. With that, the kind of left out some features but it is not that bad after all. Because the game in itself even without the DLC is pretty solid. You may hear a lot of negative comments and feedback from this and that sites but let may tell you the truth, most of these guys haven’t played the game and they are just too skeptical basing on other feedbacks and videos they see online. It would be wise to just present the facts — good or bad — and let the people decide on their own rather than just saying “don’t buy this game, this and that.”

I would admit though that the level of excitement comparing the first time I have played the Sims 3 and the Sims 4 is different. I was really in state of awe seeing the Sims 3 and playing it for the first time however with the Sims 4 I kind of lowered my expectation and I am not that excited with it but still I would to play it.  There is this longing that the game is still worth it, and I know in the long run fixes will be released to keep gamers and its player base interested. So, what you guys think? Would you buy the Sims 4? Let me know your thoughts!


The Rise of Call of Duty Heroes


Over the years, this so called Call of Duty has risen to become one of the biggest, if not the biggest, game series in the world. However, as time goes by, developer have to keep their player base interested and thus making some things like Call of Duty Heroes adapting to the ever evolving world of gaming. This is the first time since the first ever Call of Duty game that Activision tried something new touching different platforms way from what we used to seeing — PC and gaming consoles. As far as the game quality goes, it has some pros and cons but nothing much that could really deter someone from playing it. This may not be a perfect fit for those who love Call of Duty as FPS game, but for those who love any Call of Duty game that developers throw at them, I highly recommend it.

Now when it comes to gameplay, nothing really much to say but I did not find any bad to say either. You can play either as a single player exploring the campaigns that can help you progress in the game or you can play against other players online and test how strong your army is and the strategy you are using. The campaign basically is spanning from two time periods and multiple locales, Call of Duty Heroes despite it being a strategy game has a storyline which is quite strong. This is honestly the first truly engaging storyline that the series has offered beyond the fact that it is not a shooting game just like others thought it to be. The characters in the game are someone you are familiar with. It carries those names such as Captain Price and a whole bunch more that I know you are acquainted of.


Overall, this game offers a unique style of gameplay. However I felt that while these missions were fun and playing against your friends or anyone online is quite challenging, something is really missing. The main missions feature some great story and gameplay elements, high tech firefights, and epic scenes of combat on horseback. The campaign has a ton of great moments and has the makings of one of the best base building strategy on the market. However it suffers from lacking features that we all loved with other base building games. Luckily the game manages to overcome with a twist of its own. Thanks to the fast paced progress which keep boredom away from players.

if you want to dominate the game, and this is coming from someone that has a love hate relationship with the series ever since it was created way back more than a decade ago. It’s a well made game and has some very high production values even with the fact that some of the critics considers it a copycat. Improvements were made were they were needed most. The campaign has been overhauled and is a rousing experience. Multiplayer is still fun and has some wonderful maps to play on. If you are a Call of Duty fan, hard core or casual, this game should be in your list if you ask me.

Hay Day’s Jam Maker: Everything You need to Know


One of the most asked feature or should I say portion of the Hay Day gameplay is about jam maker. That is today, I’ll be going over everything you need to know about building the jam maker as well as covering all the items that you can produce in this machine and anything else you need to know including how long it takes to build, how much experience you get for it, and what’s the price you call sell it roadside shop. I will also be going over at what you need to do in order to get the mastery for this machine and my thoughts on what I think is the best item to produce on this machine and how many slot you need to unlock.

So to start with, the jam maker is unlocked at level 35 and it’ll cost you 68,500 points to build. After it has been built, the first item you’ll be able to produce is apple jam which will only need 3 apples to produce. It will take six hours to produce the apple jam and you’ll get 26 experience for each one you produce. The second item you can produce is raspberry jam which is unlocked at level 36. The only ingredient required is three raspberries and I will take seven hours to produce and you will get 30 experience for each one. The next item you can produce is unlocked at level 37 which is blackberry jam. It will only require three blackberries to produce and it’ll take 8 hours and you’ll get 46 experience for each. The fourth item you can produce is unlocked at level 38 which is cherry jam the it requires three cherries. It takes seven hours to produce a cherry jam and you will get 40 experience for it. The final item that you can produce in a jam maker is strawberry jam which is unlocked at level 50. The only item you need to use to produce this is three strawberries. This item take seven hours and 30 minutes to produce and you’ll get 32 experience for each.


Now let us go on what you need to do in order to get the mastery for this machine. In order to do this, you must unlock all three stars which is done by using a machine for the required time for each star. To unlock the first you simply need to use the jam maker for 90 hours. Once you’ve done that, you will unlock your first bonus which is you’ll get 10 percent more coins from all goods from the jam maker that are delivered on truck orders. To unlock the second star, you need to use the jam maker for another 360 hours. And the last star, you need to use it for another 1,440 hours. To sum things up, you need to use the jam maker for 1890 hours in total while playing in Hay Day. .

Boom Beach Task Force Feature List 2.0 Explained


Supercell has been generous to its player base to give us the update that we wanted to in the form of Task Force. Now we are enjoying Boom Beach more than ever, however, there are still things that needs to be addressed as far as gameplay mechanics and experience is concern. I know it may sound too demanding from fans’ standpoint but these are just suggestions that hopefully we will see in the next big update, December perhaps. I was not entirely responsible to the list of things and features that should be done but it was more like a collaborative effort from the community of Boom Beach gamers, who like me, would love to see a better game in the future.

Now let us go ahead to the list that I have created and see what are the things that can possibly make the Boom Beach better. The first thing on my list is to give us some indication that we can easily notice as to which players performed their task of attacking in the Task Force panel. This may seem insignificant to you as a member but for those who are leading the group, this is a neat feature that can easily determine as to which players should be kicked in the group for being inactive. The next thing that would be of great use is messages and/or leader/officer chat. This is useful when laying out plans and strategy for the operations of the entire Task Force. This is an online game and communication is a must, thus, having this feature can definitely make a difference.

The next thing that would be cool if integrated in the game is involving the replay feature. As you might have seen, this feature lets you stream or spectate the previous battle or raid that you went into, but what it does not show is who is attacking who. It would be great to see those in game names from both the attacker and defender. Another addition to the list is a feature which will show a battle log of all previous operation for every member. With that, we can see who is doing well at attacking and those who fails more than anybody else. That would be a great help in the overall capabilities of the Task Force since proper actions will be taken into account after seeing the results.

I guess that would be all for now. I hope that features will be available soon on Boom Beach to facilitate better gaming experience. Visit my blog regularly for more game related guides, tutorials and more.