Boom Beach Task Force Feature List 2.0 Explained


Supercell has been generous to its player base to give us the update that we wanted to in the form of Task Force. Now we are enjoying Boom Beach more than ever, however, there are still things that needs to be addressed as far as gameplay mechanics and experience is concern. I know it may sound too demanding from fans' standpoint but these are just suggestions that hopefully we will see in the next big update, December perhaps. I was not entirely responsible to the list of things and features that should be done but it was more like a collaborative effort from the community of Boom Beach gamers, who like me, would love to see a better game in the future.

Now let us go ahead to the list that I have created and see what are the things that can possibly make the Boom Beach better. The first thing on my list is to give us some indication that we can easily notice as to which players performed their task of attacking in the Task Force panel. This may seem insignificant to you as a member but for those who are leading the group, this is a neat feature that can easily determine as to which players should be kicked in the group for being inactive. The next thing that would be of great use is messages and/or leader/officer chat. This is useful when laying out plans and strategy for the operations of the entire Task Force. This is an online game and communication is a must, thus, having this feature can definitely make a difference.

The next thing that would be cool if integrated in the game is involving the replay feature. As you might have seen, this feature lets you stream or spectate the previous battle or raid that you went into, but what it does not show is who is attacking who. It would be great to see those in game names from both the attacker and defender. Another addition to the list is a feature which will show a battle log of all previous operation for every member. With that, we can see who is doing well at attacking and those who fails more than anybody else. That would be a great help in the overall capabilities of the Task Force since proper actions will be taken into account after seeing the results.

I guess that would be all for now. I hope that features will be available soon on Boom Beach to facilitate better gaming experience. Visit my blog regularly for more game related guides, tutorials and more.