How is Nintendo 3DS XL Holding Up with Pokemon Alpha Sapphire?


Today I am going to review of the Nintendo 3DS XL and how it is going to hold up with the latest addition to the family of Pokemon games, Pokemon Alpha Sapphire. As the larger counterpart to the current 3DS it looks like a fairly straightforward update but is it for you and does it makes gaming with Pokemon any better? Taking a look around you’ll see the XL isn’t half bad looking with this game. Compared to the 3DS it’s got a clean design that looks right at home next to a DSi. It’s definitely big and heavy but it’s got the Nintendo quality you would expect though it may cause a problem with long term playing with your choice of game like Pokemon. As you may have guessed from the XL name the biggest change are the larger screens. With a 4.9 inch top display and 4.2 inch screen below it’s nearly as big as the Vita and this isn’t a bad thing.

Of course, the main selling point of this model is the fact that Pokemon Alpha Sapphire integrates more 3D scenes now more than any versions of the past thus  it’s a much more immersive experience than before. You’re probably not going to want to carry this around with you all day but when you sit down to play it’s a better experience.  The XL plays the exact same games as the 3DS and the software is identical so here it’s all about the bigger screen. In games  you can notice more jagged edges but for the most part the added screen real estate makes the tradeoff worth it. In full 3D Pokemon battle scenes, this system fair even better as the lower pixel density is hardly noticeable at all. Same goes for roaming around the world of Kanto and Hoenn region, the overall performance don’t suffer much at all and the extra screen real estate makes the 3D effect easier on the eyes.

Of course it’s not all good news. As the 3DS is only just over a year old Nintendo carried over quite a few things like the VGA cameras which rival cell phones from 2005. It’s also still fairly bulky just like all Nintendo handhelds, dwarfing phones like the Galaxy S3. For the most part the software offerings are solid. The last year has seen the 3DS get nonstop improvements via firmware updates and the ability to access Game Boy, Game Gear and NES games through the Virtual Console is great. You can even download full Pokemon Sapphire game version of the past if you want to try it out. Another improvement is in the stylus which is now a proper size and back to the normal position on the right side. This stylus may not be that significant to the Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Rom that we have right now but in the near future when updates are available this can surely be a big help. Overall the 3DS XL is a solid improvement and using it to play Pokemon Alpha Sapphire makes it even a better choice. Click here for more information about the review.