Buyer's Guide on Problematic Sims 4 Game


As the title conveys, would you buy the Sims 4 game that has been laden with so many problems. Well, the answer might be varied but if you ask me I would definitely go and buy the game for reasons that I only know. But for today, I will sharing the things so you all guys would know. If you look at it, it is not the entire that makes it bad but there are those few aspects that are problematic not to mention the features that were removed. I personally have not played the game that long but the impression that others are saying is that game sucked and basically I am not yet convinced since I still would to experience it first hand to conclude.

To be honest, I am a hardcore Sims gamer and a Sims lover ever since the first one released by EA. And whether the Sims 4 sucks or not I would still buy it because I have it as collections. The thing is that I pre-ordered the on Amazon months ago because I wanted to have it. The Sims 4 basically is a promising game. The base game seem very strict and restricted as far as features are concern. This is so because the developer, Maxis, has been focusing more on the feel of realism in the game with Sims and its emotions. With that, the kind of left out some features but it is not that bad after all. Because the game in itself even without the DLC is pretty solid. You may hear a lot of negative comments and feedback from this and that sites but let may tell you the truth, most of these guys haven't played the game and they are just too skeptical basing on other feedbacks and videos they see online. It would be wise to just present the facts -- good or bad --- and let the people decide on their own rather than just saying "don't buy this game, this and that."

I would admit though that the level of excitement comparing the first time I have played the Sims 3 and the Sims 4 is different. I was really in state of awe seeing the Sims 3 and playing it for the first time however with the Sims 4 I kind of lowered my expectation and I am not that excited with it but still I would to play it.  There is this longing that the game is still worth it, and I know in the long run fixes will be released to keep gamers and its player base interested. So, what you guys think? Would you buy the Sims 4? Let me know your thoughts!