Walking Through Hearthstone Basics Like a Boss


I have been playing Hearthstone for quite a bit now. I have gone better and better with each game, and now I have to a point where I am fairly good at it. With that, I have come up with few macro ideas that I always try to implement Hearthstone in order to win and I think it would be nice to spread the good news to you guys.

Hearthstone is predominantly a game of practice. I sad it because, you need to understand what your opponents have or could have or likely to play. Practice will give you a lot of information that you will not get simply by reading blogs, or watching youtube videos. But researching can still play an important factor because it can you concepts on how to play different characters on different instances.

Take for example, if you are playing a Rogue, it is going to kill every weak minion you are going to put against it on the board with this dagger and his main resource in order to do it is his life pole. So, what you want to do is make sure you are going to give a decent amount of damage to a Rogue. However if you playing with a Shaman or a Paladin, those are classes that mostly will now win if they don't have board control. for more class specific strategy together and Heathstone cheats online. This will give a whole lot of ideas regarding playing and winning games.

Talking about board control, I will give an idea about it to give you better grasp on the basic things. Well, the whole idea about is having the initiative or should I say having the power to "call the shots" of what is going in the board. This has a lot to do with the card advantage concept implemented in the game. When you are playing Hearthstone, typically you are drawing a card per turn, more than that is fairly unusual. So the best thing to do is to extract as much potential you can have per card your draw. Most damage is created by creatures, and that creatures need to have the initiative and by initiative, I mean, board control.

Basically, that is how Hearthstone and its gameplay mechanics and the science to its success revolves. If you can master those through practice, then I can guarantee you that you will be winning 75% of your time against opponent, so long as they don't have any unfair advantage against you.

Road and Density Basics with SimCity BuildIt


Playing SimCity Buildit is like playing the SimCity that we come to know and love in our PC and Mac. Well, its not that detailed and as much sophisticated as the latter but definitely it still worth the play. The trade off is, or should I say the biggest advantage by which SimCity BuildIt is the fact that is on mobile platform -- iOS and Android --- and with that, as long as you have your smartphone with your or tablet, you can play anywhere and anytime given if you have the internet connection necessary. Because as all know, this game is an necessitates the player to be online. It may have been a problem with SimCity 2013, the reboot, but with this mobile version of the game, wifi connection is everywhere and is accessible most of the time. So, it is not an issue anymore.

Now, that is now why we are here today. I am here to make share something about the basic of the game that players usually miss or overlook -- that is the road density. You may say, "why the heck would you tackle that topic, it is not important... blah, blah, blah." Well, it may seem that way for those who are beginners but for those who have been playing SimCity series for quite a while, you can definitely say that roads are not something that should be taken for granted. Otherwise, it may cause some major problems in your city and it will cost you a lot in the long run.

Types of Road and its Density in SimCity BuildIt:

  • Low Density Dirt Road - the very basic among all the road types. It is ideal for those newly built city where budget is a problem and population is just minimal. This type is composed of two lanes. It is works best with medium density avenues because its cheap and easily available for everyone.

  • Low Density Street - it has two lanes. Ideal if you have enough money and its good as you begin to upgrade. This is better than dirt roads once you have increase the population, traffic will also be one problem that dirt roads will have to struggle.

  • Medium Density Street - once you feel that you needed more money for your city, this kind of road will be ideal for it coming from the low density street. This will give you a chance to do freely with bigger buildings and more population.

  • High Density Road - this type have four lanes allowing bigger density buildings. It is a lot harder to manage but it comes with more Sims and more jobs for them. So, basically it entails more money for the city.

That is all for this tutorial for SimCity BuildIt. I hope you will now put more attention to roads and its density and how it affects your city. You can share this trick or should I say a tutorial on how to get much resources of SimCity BuildIt without jailbreak or rooting. It is definitely a legit way of taking your SimCity gaming to a new level.

Welcome to GTA 5 the New World Of Entertainment


If you want to play Grand Theft Auto 5, it is now available in Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 so that your adventure when playing will become more handy and more very exciting in controlling the video game. Actually this was due to the demands from fans and feedback from previous console. So the company just gives these fans what they want. If you have kids please make sure not to let them play the game since mature content are mostly featured in the game. The game totally for the mature players since it has drugs, violence and sex content. However, if you really like to play this video game with your family, be sure to guide your children in playing.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is among the best video game you can play both online or offline. Actually when it was almost released fans fall in line just to get the video game, although there are lots of critics about the game. However, they cannot stop the people for acquiring the video game since it features a broader theme of entertainment. Adventure, sports, hostile, funny moments, family trouble, law breaker lifestyle, mobster and more. You can design your own gang, and become the business tycoon in the local community and do some dirty money endeavor. As far as I can remember, you can get loads of fun playing GTA Online on this. It offers features that is not usually found in the game.

Mostly the gamers of GTA 5 are professional and working moms and dads who want to enjoy their entertainment in a digital world. In fact GTA 5 you can challenge another gamer online like racing, skydiving and motor cross. Actually you can experience Need for Speed Most Wanted in GTA 5 and if you like Call of Duty you can as well enjoy this theme. Reason for GTA 5 entertainment to very amazing is that you can encounter different action. If you check on YouTube you will learn funny moments from your favorite character Frank, Trevor and Michael. You can dress them with apparel you want them to wear and you can even create havoc in the City and fight military personnel.

If you are looking for kick-ass entertainment then GTA 5 is best for you.