The Walking Dead Season 7: Glenn and his Death

In every series we always have our favorite characters who we secretly or publicly pray and hope not to die throughout the seasons. While there are many favorable characters in TWD, probably one who captured most fans' hearts is Glenn Rhee. But pray as we might not to lose him on the show, this was not his fate. His death was horrific and a shock. And they were all unprepared. We were all unprepared. It was very hurtful for all the fans that we were expecting to see him alive and well in the next episode. But it didn't happen.

Let's recall Glenn's character in the series and how his death affected the running of the show, specifically his wife, Maggie and of course, Rick. Glenn was the main supply runner for the Atlanta camp group and he saved Rick Grimes and brought him to reunite with his family. Bright, loyal, resourceful and quick on his feet, Glenn was also very positive, and he maintained a youthful enthusiasm for life. He was an integral part of the group. He was in a relationship with Maggie and she became his wife. We've known that he was born to Korean immigrants with his sisters and became a pizza delivery boy at twenty when he moved to Atlanta. And that started his fate with the group. Glenn obviously was uncomfortable with killing living people. Remember when he started crying after he stabbed a member of the Saviors? Now, who would not want to adore this kind of person. Although he surely will kill living people when his community and loved ones are threatened or harmed, especially Maggie and his unborn child.

Glenn's death broke our hearts into pieces the same way Negan broke his head and brain. If all fans were watching together, there would surely be an uproar heard altogether. It was like a sudden lightning tearing the starry, dreamy sky that we've been watching with adorable eyes. So heartbreaking. His death brought forth shock and terror to his companions. But it made them strong too, especially Maggie. She had grown sternly independent, hardened over time. If she was struggling with her emotional weakness before, now, she has shown to stand for what she believes in, became an important voice in the group and soon became the leader of the population of Hilltop. Glenn's death made her strong. And there's only one purpose of her being strong, that is to fight against The Saviors who took Glenn away from her.

It was not only Glenn's death that affected Rick so much, but also Abraham's. Negan's taunting caused him to keep seeing his two companions and their unfortunate death. Rick promised he will personally kill Negan for what he did to Glenn. Thus, he is the main leader in the war against Negan and the Saviors.

It was very unfortunate to lose Glenn in the series. However, it added more thrill to the show and thus garnered many nominations for several awards not to mention the very favorable Nielsen ratings at the start of the show. We may have lost Glenn, but there's more characters in the show worth our love and devotion. And we know that we will never forget him as the show progresses because there would be no TWD without Glenn Rhee.