Tag Movie Review: Surpass Prank Movies

After his few movies in the past which mostly are in action and drama genre, Jeremy Renner who plays the role of Hawkeye of Avengers has now a new movie entitled Tag. This time around, he will play the role of Jerry Pierce which will be seen on a big screen and will make the world of his friends crazy. Thanks to Warner Bros., we get to see new Jeremy Renner acting in a very hilarious way. This year, we will be enjoying movie which will give us more time to laugh, after the successful hit movie Game Night from the same studio.

Although the movie has fall short of comical action elements, but the conversation just rock our world. Tag movie is just simply very entertaining than big life lessons and it is not the same with the tag games you are playing in the backyard. Naturally, this movie if you look at it in the trailer is just some bunch of people who were friends in the past and then get to have a reunion as years goes by. Tag movie shows how crazy they are in their childhood but Jerry Pierce is a lot crazier compared to his other friends. After long years of not seeing each other, they thought that they’ve grown up but during their reunion, they are still hunted by the pranks and crazy teasing of their friends Jerry Pierce even though they are now professionals. Jerry Pierce childhood friends are Hogan Malloy (Ed Helms) Kevin Sable (Hannibal Buress) Bob Callahan (Jon Hamm) and Randy Cilliano (Jake Johnson). During their childhood days, they started to play a game called tag which they used play for few months. However, as mentioned earlier, they have separated and each of them have their own lives, then thirty years later, the game is on once again. Actually, they have a promise to meet every May of the year to play the same game they’ve been playing since their childhood. Hogan also known as Hoagie thinks for an idea to finally tag Jerry, which never been tagged for 30 years of playing the game and plans to stop playing so that he can brag about his perfect record.

Nonetheless, the very reason why Jerry was never tagged simply because he is very super athletic and very elusive particularly with regards to extreme measures and he always avoid being tagged no matter how well prepared his friends are. But this time, Hogan is very determined to tag Jerry and call on his old buddies to come home to their place where they grow up and prepare for a plan. This is really very great as they really want to surprise Jerry especially he is about to tie the knot and this will be an opportunity for Hogan and his friends to tag Jerry successfully.

Movies today are so wonderful especially with regards to comedy genre because there are plenty of celebrities working together to make the movie done. Another thing which makes the movie great is the idea that it comes from a real-life events. This kind of movie is deriving from the popular Wall Street Journal post of 2013. It Takes Planning, Caution To Avoid Being It, which showcases a game of tag that friends have been playing for over 2 decades. This is not really new to us but there is a bit of different to it. If you have seen the movie Jack-Ass all series, Pranks online and other reality TV shows then you have the idea what is this movie is all about. However Tag movies are mainly focus on local people on the community who are doing the same thing in past 3 decades and they want to tag a friend by working together to make it done.

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