Venom Has At least 30 Minutes Deleted Footage

According to Tom Hardy who plays the role of Eddie Brock who eventually becomes Venom, the movie Venom has 30 to 40 minutes deleted scenes. Following the movie Spider-Man 3 which is directed by Samuel M. Raimi, this could be Venom’s second cinematic debut of its title character. In the said movie, Eddie Brock’s character was played by the actor Topher Grace who turns into a villain after he was infected by the Venom symbiote and has become Peter Parker’s greatest Rival. However, Venom’s appearance in the movie has become a great disappointment to some viewer as much as Samuel M. Raimi himself as well.

Finally after a long journey Venom once again will be shown in the big screen and this time, it’s his very own solo movie. In an interview, Tom Hardy revealed that the movie has almost 40 minutes of deleted scenes and some if them happens to be his favorite footage. Furthermore, you will not only be amazed of what Venom can possibly do in the movie but you will also see how Tom Hardy plays the role of a dual character, it seems that he was given esthetic leeway to experiment during filming the movie.

Meanwhile, a lot of fans are expressing their disappointments knowing that Venom film0 is not a rated R movie but instead, it’s a PG-13 rating due to the fact that it’s a more mature and basically leveled as a darker comic book movie. It has been confirmed recently that the original plan is really the PG-13 rating and absolutely no Rated-R cut exist. Moreover, Sony Pictures is still planning to connect with some other potential MCU projects apart from having a kick off of SpiderMan villains which among them is Venom.

Currently, the movie is keeping on track to present well, however it’s all up to the fans who will likely agree if a Venom franchise will be pressed on or not.

This is the first time that I know when the villain of the some drama of movie becomes the star. Its very seldom that will happen but with this movie it does. I am not really sure If i can recommend this movie but this is not my genre. I usually go with light harm heart comedy movies. But if you want to know more about this movie you can always visit this site

you can watch the venom trailer here